This Baby Giving an Oscar-Worthy Fake Cry Is Called Out By Mama and His Reaction Is Why Happiness Exists

Life is really beautiful sometimes.
A Vine user posted this video of a precious moment between a mother and her baby that will in just six seconds evoke your entire range of human emotions. 
It all starts with the baby appearing to fight back tears, making a face that will ruin your heart.
But mama knows better and calls him out.
Then the baby starts to lose it, laughing and raising his hand like, 'You got me!'
We've been elated ever since that moment. Just watch:
The video has been viewed over 4.5 million times, which means it has inspired no less than 4.5 million smiles, tears of joy, and/or moments of personal growth.
If you want to be weird AF like we are, watching the Vine on repeat with the sound off while Adele's "Someone Like You" plays totally fits perfectly the whole time and will make you pour gallons from your eyeballs.
Seriously, try it.
For added effect, occasionally turn the Vine's sound back on, and see what that does to your weary, broken soul.
We just really needed this.
They are happy tears, we promise.
Let's all go about our weekend knowing that the world is a better place now that this Vine exists.
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