Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram, Posts Gravity-Defying 'Deadpool' Pic!

by Zach Seemayer 1:08 AM PDT, May 12, 2015
Photo: Instagram

Ryan Reynolds just joined Instagram on Monday, where he proved once again how awesome he is with his very first post!

So what was the first photo the 38-year-old new dad decided to share? Was it a picture of his baby? Or a photo of his lovely wife Blake Lively?

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Nope! It was a photo a Deadpool flying through the air, over a car, duel wielding twin Desert Eagles, with the caption: "Stuck the landing. With my mouth."

Stuck the landing. With my mouth.

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

For months, the Deadpool star has been tweeting out photos of the beloved character in all manner of strange situations.

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On Sunday, Ryan posted Deadpool's NSFW Mother's Day message. It was a photo of the red-and-black leather clad mercenary in a delivery room, holding a baby, with the caption: "#Deadpool: A motherf**ker since 1991. #happymamasday"

Photo: Twitter

Now, we get to see even more epic Deadpool posts on yet another form of social media and, quite frankly, we couldn't be more excited.

And, because he is a loving, dedicated husband, he's only following one person on Instagram: His wife and baby's mama. That's the modern-day version of proving your devotion.