Sam Smith Is Getting Vocal Cord Surgery Today and Nervously Posting All About It

♫ Stay with me, 'cause you're all I need! ♫
That is what the world is collectively saying about Sam Smith's vocal cords today as he gets ready for surgery.
After being diagnosed with a small hemmorhage on his vocal cords -- causing him to cancel his tour -- the 22-year-old singer is undergoing surgery today, and posted a "hospital selfie" to keep his fans in the know.

Sam posted another picture simply captioned, "Flying," which means the medication has presumably kicked in.
Yesterday, Sam apologized for anyone who says hello to him on the streets after the operation, writing, "Enjoying my last day of speaking. After today no speaking for three weeks."
Apparently, the Grammy Award winner with the voice of an angel will even have to be silent on his birthday!
Then, poor Sam posted another picture likening himself to Ariel from The Little Mermaid when she lost her ability to speak.

"About to have operation. This is me today..." Sam wrote.
Get well soon, Sam!! We're here for you if you need tomato soup or applesauce or something. (Assuming that's okay, definitely ask your doctor.)
Watch more on Sam Smith's cancelled tour dates and vocal cord surgery below.