Emma Stone Braves the Hair-Raising Wind at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival, like the Academy Awards and Met Gala, is a red carpet runway of the world's most beautiful in their most glamorous gowns. In other words, it's where the famous pretty people go to promote their films and prove just how pretty they are.
But Emma Stone got served a dose of reality when she hit the Cannes photo call for her new Woody Allen film Irrational Man on Friday.
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The 26-year-old actress dazzled in a black lace Oscar de la Renta while posing for photos but things quickly took a turn when she became the victim of a gust of treacherous wind.
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Thankfully, Stone had co-star Parker Posey to act as a wind breaker!
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The Covergirl took the weather conditions in stride (because duh, she's Emma Stone and cool AF) giving new meaning to "easy breezy."
Emma Stone, you are ***flawless. Marilyn Monroe got nothing on you.
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