Lindsay Lohan Wears Sexy LBD to Do Community Service Work

by Emily Krauser 4:19 PM PDT, May 17, 2015

Well, at least she's getting her community service done.

Lindsay Lohan showed up to the TLC Women's Shelter in New York City yesterday in a low-cut LBD.

Gardening #TLC women's shelter ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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And yes, that is a bra you see peeking out of her dress. It's not exactly what we would wear to garden, but then again, we're not Lindsay.

#habibti ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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Hey, at least she wore sneakers.

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Earlier this month, Judge Mark A. Young told the 28-year-old actress that "there will be consequences" if she doesnโ€™t finish up her court-ordered 125 hours of community service.

The mandate stems from the three misdemeanors Lindsay was charged with in 2013 due to her 2012 car accident in Santa Monica, Calif., and was already an addition to her original order of 240 hours.

Some of the hours Lindsay tried to submit during her first round of community service, which included time at the Los Angeles County morgue, were declared invalid by a judge.

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Since returning to her native New York from a stint in London, Lindsay has fulfilled some of her requirement by putting in time at the Duffield Childrenโ€™s Center in Brooklynโ€™s Fort Greene neighborhood.


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Lindsay has until May 28 to complete her 125 community service hours.

While that may be physically impossible, find out why her dad Michael Lohan thinks Lindsay can do it in the video below.