Why Emma Stone Loves Hawaii, But Won't Go to Finland

ET caught up with Aloha stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone at a special screening of in London, where Emma filled us in on the one place in the world she does not want to visit.
While Stone loved the "sporadic rain showers, double rainbows [and] waterfalls" of Hawaii, which provided the setting for the romantic comedy, she is not a fan of Finland, according to Cooper.
"I'm trying to talk her into going but she just hates that place," Cooper told ET.
"I don't hate Finland," Stone corrected. "I hate travelling with you."
In the movie, Cooper and Rachel McAdams lead a star-studded cast that includes Stone, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel and Bill Murray in this story of a military contractor (Cooper) who screws up a major deal and is forced to return to his old life in Hawaii to help with a U.S. space mission.
There, he tries to reconnect with an old flame (McAdams) while at the same time begins to fall for a young, overly enthusiastic Air Force pilot (Stone) assigned to keep an eye on him.
Aloha hits theaters May 29.