Harry Styles' 2-Year-Old Lookalike Will Make You Lose It With How Cute He Is

Twenty one-year-old One Direction star Harry Styles has an adorable two-year-old doppleganger named Michael Rangamiz and you can officially cancel all your plans for the day.
Sorry if you were busy, but he's just too adorable! His mom manages his Instagram account and posts a ton of Styles-inspired styles.

There are just so many photos.
Trying to pick a favorite is impossible.
Michael is almost three years old, half-Iranian, half-Russian, and all-Harry Styles.
♫ Long hair, slicked back, white T-shiiirt! ♫
Amassing over 60,000 followers, Michael has become somewhat of a star himself.
He also moonlights as the late, great, King of Pop.
And loves Beyonce just like we do!
♫ We never go OUT OF STYLE! ♫

What a cute little dude!
Since Michael is redefining what it means to be a "celebrity kid," watch the video below for 8 celeb kids embarrassed by their famous parents!