Emilio Estevez Quacks Back at Hockey Fans with 'Mighty Ducks' Tweets During Playoff Game

Getty Images
Emilio Estevez is really embracing his Mighty Ducks days.
The 53-year-old actor famously played Gordon Bombay in the 1992 family film, and over the weekend he was still getting into the game by live-tweeting about the Anaheim Ducks hockey match against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals.
He even went so far as to use his character's name in the Ducks movie as a hashtag. "GO GET 'EM TONIGHT DUCKS!!!" one tweet read.

To the delight of Mighty Ducks fans, the tweets included lots of references to the beloved movie.
And a live tweet session from Gordon Bombay wouldn't be complete without a "quack" chant!

He even asked for a Flying V formation!
Overcome with excitement over the Ducks' big win, he revealed that he isn't the most gracious winner with one of his final tweets.

Seeing how much he still loves his hockey, maybe Estevez should pitch a Mighty Ducks reboot to Netflix like Full House just did. Get those Fuller House details, below: