Adele Fangirls Over Stevie Nicks

Adele just had "the best night" of her life.
The "Rolling in the Deep" singer is a big fan of Stevie Nicks, and she not only met her but showed off a snap of the two together via Twitter on May 27.
A true fangirl, Adele captioned the photo, "So...tonight was THE best night of my life. I love you Stevie Nicks!! The queen of melodies! Thanks for everything x."
According to Hello Magazine, Adele met the 67-year-old legend in a meet and greet following Fleetwood Mac's opening night for their U.K. tour in London on Wednesday night. 
Nicks even reportedly dedicated the song "Landslide" to Adele during their set and told the crowd, "She's a fantastic songwriter…I told her, 'You're going to be me in 40 years, you’re going to still be up on stage doing what you’re doing because of your songwriting."
Talk about the ultimate fan experience! It's hard to tell who's a bigger fan here.
Check out the video below to see Nicks share her earliest music memories.