Melissa McCarthy Surprises Jon Stewart with a Kimono of His Face

Comedy Central
Clearly Melissa McCarthy is a super fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
The Spy star surprised Stewart on Thursday when she showed up to the Comedy Central show wearing a kimono that was covered in pictures of the beloved host's face.
"I've wanted to say this for a long time, I am all over you like a cheap suit," Stewart quipped upon first seeing the getup. "What odd Times Square t-shirt shop do they sell this at?"
McCarthy admitted that she made the kimono because she was bummed to hear that Stewart would be leaving his post at The Daily Show. "This is how I'll rock myself to sleep every night when you stop doing the show," she told the host.
Stewart joked back, "I'm not going to have anything to do, so if you want I will come to your house and do the show every night."
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will come to an end on Aug. 6 and Trevor Noah will take over on Sept. 28.
Now the only question we have for McCarthy is: Where can we score one of those kimonos?!