This Kid Did the Same Dance in 100 Different Locations to Check It Off His Bucket List

Photo: YouTube
Matt Bray of Naperville, Ill. wasn’t going to wait until he was dying to start living. Instead, he made a bucket list of 200 things he wanted to do in his lifetime, then started a YouTube channel, called ProjectOneLife, to post the videos whenever he managed to check one off.
(Examples: No. 1: Get a meal named after you at a restaurant. No. 58: Create an awesome rap song. No. 191: Get trapped in a room with a zombie. Read his entire list here.)
Last year, Matt’s “100 Days of Dance” video, in which he did the same dance for 100 days, went viral:
And now he’s done it again. But this time, it’s “100 Places of Dance.”
Matt says it took him months to make the video. (“To find a song, make the choreography, practice the dance routine three times a day to make sure I had it down to muscle memory.”)
Photo: YouTube
In the end, the song he landed on was Parov Stelar and Graham Candy’s “The Sun (LCAW Remix).” And the choreography? Epic. No matter where he did it.
Photo: YouTube
From a public bathroom...
Photo: YouTube
To the top of a skyscraper.
Photo: YouTube
“The bucket list item for this video was originally intended to be [#22] Learn How to Dance,” he explains. “I did learn some pretty cool moves but I still feel I have not reached the level of dancing that would consider me good at dancing, so I am going to leave this one unchecked for now.”
For what it’s worth, you’re a better dancer than us, Matt.
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