Bryce Dallas Howard Crying on Command While Talking About Home Depot Is Surprisingly Emotional

When Bryce Dallas Howard has to cry onscreen, she apparently needs barely any impetus at all!
The Jurassic World star appeared on Wednesday's Conan, where she showed off her waterworks skills.
"Do we have to be talking about things that are related to Jurassic World," the TBS late-night host asked.
"It could just be small talk it doesn't matter," Bryce replied.
So naturally, Conan just starts talking about Home Depot. As you would expect, the discussion was pretty dry.
Photo: TBS
But even as Conan went on and on about "styrofoam" and things to "tape other things together to other things," a twinkle started to form in Bryce's eye.
Photo: TBS
And then came the tears.
Photo: TBS
Watch the impressive feat below.
Home Depot is emotional, y'all.