Dave Franco & 8 Stars Who Stole Our Hearts From Their Famous Older Siblings

Sibling rivalry!
Maybe because the acting gene just runs in the family (and/or... inherent nepotism in the film industry) Hollywood is full of awesome celebrity siblings. But there's this special moment that happens when your favorite star has been passed up by their little sister or brother.
It's all love either way, but in honor of Dave Franco's 30th birthday, we're shouting out nine celebrity siblings who took all the love we had for their older brothers and sisters, and wrestled it out from under them.
1. Dave Franco
Oh, Dave.
Don't get us wrong, James is great and all, if for no other reason than his ongoing bromance with Seth Rogen...
But somewhere around the time he was stealing scenes in 21 Jump Street...
We just started to connect with him more! It's nothing personal or anything. But Dave is eternal. Also, just so everyone can feel appropriately old, Superbad was officially almost "eight years ago, a**hole."
We know.
2. Elizabeth Olsen
Is it possible the Olsen twins were the last young celebrities who didn't have to develop some semblance of millennial self-awareness?
Actually, thats probably a pretty bold statement.
Either way, it's not hard for us to connect more to Mary-Kate & Ashley's younger sister Elizabeth, given the fact that the twins have in no way related to normal humanity in well over a decade (maybe two?).
With that being said, Elizabeth has made her way out from her sisters' shadow, with a blockbuster acting career already underway -- including last year's Godzilla, as well as Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, she recently opened up about missing her chance to be one of Taylor Swift's BFFs, which is a struggle all of us know too well.
3. Elle Fanning
Just four years younger than her sister, Dakota, Elle Fanning -- who recently starred in Maleficient -- already has one of those IMDB pages that makes us think we should have maybe figured it out a little sooner.
4. Kylie & Kendall Jenner (over the Kardashian sisters)
Why deny it? Like it or not, together these two probably are close to wielding more cultural hegemony then the lot of the Kardashian sisters combined. A power only magnified by the fact that they love each other.
It's time to just face it -- the reign of Kardashians: The Next Jenneration has only begun. This might be the apocalypse. That's OK.
5. Prince Harry
Spare heir don't care!
Not only is he serving his country, but Prince Harry is honestly the only royal we feel like we could have a beer with. Moreover, he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't give us too much grief if we had one too many.
6. Jake Gyllenhaal
This one was hard, because these two are just straight up adorable. They make all of us with siblings wish we called our brothers and sisters just a little more often. With that said, we've gotta give Jake the slight advantage over his big sis in our hearts, if only for that goddamn perfect smile.
7. Willow Smith
Nothing makes you feel like your cool days are behind you like seeing what Will and Jada's kids are up to.
The edge goes to Willow, because her self-produced, co-directed video for her song ""F Q-C #7," (pronounced frequency number seven, to save you the shame of being an adult human being having to Google a teenager's song title pronunciation) makes us feel more inadequate than anything in human history.
It was our time once.
8. Nick Jonas
Goes without saying. We're all about Jonas Brotherly love, but we all know which one gets the last biscuit at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
9. Alfie Allen
Don't get us wrong. Lily Allen is amazing. But Alfie has been making quite the name for himself over on Game of Thrones, and with all the hell Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) has put him through, this guy really deserves some credit.
So watch out, older siblings of Hollywood! Your little sisters and brothers are coming for your spot!
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