Is This Picture of Selena Gomez With Adam Sandler and Kevin James Sexist?

Although Selena Gomez looked gorgeous in red at the Transylvania 2 premiere in Mexico over the weekend, some people are taking serious issue with the red carpet pictures of her and her co-stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James.
Particularly, when it comes to their fashion.
While Selena is dressed to the nines in a red Katie Ermilio tube top and a matching skirt, Adam and Kevin are obviously much more casually dressed -- some could argue sloppy -- in comfy t-shirts and sneakers. Yahoo! Style notes that aside from 22-year-old Selena looking "uncomfortable" both in the her outfit featuring a high-slit -- and being "flanked by two 40-something men" -- the fashion standards to which she's held are obviously different than her male counterparts.
Could the former Disney star ever show up to a premiere looking as casual as Adam and Kevin, and not be completely ridiculed for her "too-casual outfit choice?"
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"There's a double standard in Hollywood fashion, and this photo -- men, looking as if they’ve rolled out of bed or come from the gym, with their female co-star putting effort (and hours of it) into her appearance -- encapsulates it," Yahoo Style's Lauren Tuck writes. " ... But the young multi-hyphenate who's been in the biz for over a decade knows the name of the game: look good, get your picture taken, make a best dressed list, get lots of press, rake in money."
But it should be noted that Adam, 48, has a long history of under-dressing for red carpets. Still, "that doesn’t discount him from the sexist issue at the heart of it all," the article reads.
Last month, 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal made headlines when she said she was deemed "too old" to play a 55-year-old's lover in a film she was interested in. Watch below: