Zookeepers Are Recreating Chris Pratt's 'Jurassic World' Poses and It Will Make You So Happy

After basically making all the money ever printed and adding a lot more Chris Pratt to our lives, Jurassic World has provided yet another gift for us -- zookeeper copycats.
This is bound to be our new favorite thing for quite a while. Just look at some of these animal reenactments!
Clearly, one of our friends is putting in a little more effort here.
These dolphins get it.
Awwww! These little otters aren't gonna hurt nobody!!
Who's a cute little raptor? You are! Yesyouare.
Here's a little role reversal.
Well, this is a stretch.
Why is this almost more scary than raptors?
Okay, this dude should be damn careful.
Alright, this has gone on long enough, let's use our heads here.
Hold up.....
Does that llama on the right look familiar to anyone?
Be careful, zookeepers!!
Now, let's all continue to enrich our lives by watching Chris Pratt be scared by "real life" dinosaurs in an amazing prank.