Remember MySpace Tom, aka Your First Friend? Here's What He Looks Like Now!

Remember MySpace creator Tom Anderson and how his broad smile always stared at you from your friend's list on your MySpace page? Well, here’s what he looks like now!

While Tom wrote in the caption of the post "I think Japanese sushi is good for my skin," the 44-year-old Internet legend can probably credit some of that youthful vitality to retiring in his 30s with millions of dollars.
Okay, technically that post is from a little over two years ago, but the dude almost never takes selfies. Instead, he spends his time "traveling the world taking photos."
Really incredible photos. Photos of nature that are so mind-blowingly amazing, they almost don't look real.
Also, if you think the only perk of being an Internet pioneer is millions of dollars, lots of traveling, and fame, you'd be wrong.
It can also get you a pair of shoes with your face on them.

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