Streaming in July: 'Wet Hot American Summer,' 'Mystic Pizza' & 5 More Highlights


With the end of June swiftly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to stream in July as a whole new slate of movies and TV shows hit our favorite streaming services. And there’s a lot to get excited about!

Among the highlights? A Julia Roberts classic and a TV prequel to a cult classic!

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ETonline sifted through the latest choices to bring you seven films and TV shows we’re definitely adding to our queue:

1. 7 Days in Hell

Jon Snow may be dead, but Kit Harington will return to HBO with a new film starring him and Andy Samberg as two tennis pros locked in a grueling seven-day match at Wimbledon. With Lena Dunham, June Squibb (as an angry Queen Elizabeth II), and Will Forte all in co-starring roles, we can’t wait to see how this plays out. Also, did we mention that it’s premiering three days early on streaming devices? Game. Set. Match. (HBO Now, 07/08)

2. BoJack Horseman

While we’re beyond excited about the Wet Hot American Summer prequel series -- those photos of the cast were everything -- we are also can’t wait for the return of BoJack Horseman. The animated series is Will Arnett’s best show since Arrested Development and is packed full of stars with Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, and Amy Sedaris all lending their vocal talents to the show. (Netflix, 07/17)

3. Fargo

While we wait for the second season of Fargo to hit FX, now is a good time as any to revisit the 1996 dark comedy. Sure the events of the show and film aren’t directly related, but there are enough connections there to look for hidden clues while re-watching the Oscar winner. Or just enough it all the same! (Hulu, 07/01)

4. Mystic Pizza

If there are two early Julia Roberts films we love, it’s Steel Magnolias and this 1988 coming-of-age drama also starring Lili Taylor and a then-unknown Matt Damon. (Hulu, 07/01)

5. The Skeleton Twins

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig’s dark comedy about depressed twins should have earned more attention and praise than it did. The film easily offered up both actors’ best performances since leaving Saturday Night Live and proved that these funny people can get serious. (Amazon Prime, 07/31)

6. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Seriously, we can’t stress enough how excited we are to see the return of Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Ken Marino, Molly Shannon, and others when the prequel eight-episode series debuts on Netflix. (Netflix, 07/31)

7. Weekend

Fans still mourning the loss of Looking, HBO’s gay series, should watch producer Andrew Haigh’s 2011 film about a gay relationship that transpires over a long weekend. The critically acclaimed drama, which stars Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen, is even one of Lena Dunham’s top 10 Criterion Films. (Hulu, 07/01)