Who Has the Hottest Bikini Bodies Over 50?

Fashion fade and trends slip away, but there are some things that never go out of style, like having a great body.
We pulled together pictures of some celebs who have maintained a beach-ready body into their 50s for model Chrissy Teigen to weighed in on.
First up was the ageless Christie Brinkley at 61.
"Christie not only has such an amazing body but she's such a truly wonderful person too," Chrissy said. "She's so lively and so gorgeous. I love her."
The 51-year-old Elle Macpherson lived up to her nickname.
"Of course," Chrissy said. "That's 'The Body'."
Demi Moore, who recently showed off her hot bikini bod alongside her daughters left Chrissy nearly speechless at 52.
"What can you say?" Chrissy asked. "Perfect."
And Brooke Shields gave Chrissy something to strive for at 50.
"When I see this I'm like, 'I'm liking this.' This is gorgeous," Chrissy said. "I pray I can be like that."
Watch the video for more.