Kendall Jenner Breaks Kim and Kanye's Instagram Record With the Unlikeliest Photo

Photo: Getty Images
Everybody wants to best their siblings at something, and Kendall Jenner just outshined her "Queen of Selfies" older sis Kim Kardashian in a big way!
The model's Instagram photo, which features her laying on the ground in a white dress with her hair arranged in several heart shapes, broke the Instagram record for most likes on Friday, taking the No. 1 spot previously held by Kim and husband Kanye West.

The shot beat out a pic that Kim posted of her and Kanye kissing on their wedding day, receiving over 2.4 million likes.

Jenner took to Twitter to tease her sister and brother-in-law about setting the new record, retweeting a fan account that broke the news and adding "take that KimYe!"
Maybe Kendall will be next to publish her own book of selfies?