Courteney Cox & OmniPeace Helping to Build Music School in Rwanda

ET caught up with Courteney Cox at an event for OmniPeace, a charity helping to build a music school in Africa.
The OmniPeace Rwanda Rocks! campaign was unveiled on Thursday at the W Los Angeles-West Beverly Hills, where OmniPeace founder Mary Fanaro gushed about the organizaton's celebrity supporter.
"Courteney, who is my best friend and really the ambassador for OmniPeace, she's been with me since the very beginning, building the first school," Fanaro told ET. "She's really partially responsible for all the schools."
The charity is currently building their eighth school and Cox is hoping more people will help.
"This is our Kickstarter," Cox said. "We're doing it right here, live on ET."
Fanaro gave instructions for how to donate to the cause.
"Go to and there's a donate button," Fanaro said. "We're also doing a GoFundMe campaign. We have a goal of raising a certain amount of money and I'm hoping I do it really quickly so I can be there by September."
While she's been building schools with OmniPeace, Cox has also been building a future with fiancé Johnny McDaid. The two have many tough decisions to make for their big day, but wedding singer may be a no-brainer.
"Coco is obsessed with music," Cox said of her 11-year-old daughter. "She's a singer and good actually."
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