Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids About Same-Sex Marriage and Their Responses Are Cute and Hilarious

Even kids know that love is love!
After the Supreme Court ruling Friday legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to debunk the idea that people of the same sex getting married is a difficult concept for children to understand.
He found on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that not only could kids wrap their heads around the idea, but they did so in the most adorable way.
One girl defined same-sex marriage as "When two men and two women get married," clarifying that she did NOT mean that four people were getting married.
Another felt that anyone should be able to marry, "If you're old enough," adding that she will get married, "When I'm 30."
And one little boy even knew the best time to get married: "In the afternoon."
The Supreme Court's historic decision momentously fell during June, National LGBT History Month, and people all over were posting messages of love and support. Watch some of the responses below!