Demi Lovato Falls Hard During Pool Party Performance

The "Cool for the Summer" singer was celebrating her new single during a special performance in Los Angeles at KIIS FM's summer pool party on the roof of the WaterMarke Tower when she took a painful looking spill.
Demi -- who had performed on a small, wet stage in the middle of a pool (because that sounds safe) -- was about to jump into the water with all her fans when she slipped on a puddle and fell, hard.
The 22-year-old singer didn't take it too seriously as she got back up and jumped into the pool anyway.
In fact, Demi posted a video of the spill to Instagram, set to her song, with the tags, "#NOTCoolForTheSummer #F**kit"

Demi also to took Twitter to joke about the fall, writing: "Well... It's not a tour without busting ass!!!!!!"
Glad to see Demi is doing okay!
She wouldn't be the first singer to take a nasty spill while rocking out. Check out the video below for a look at some of the most epic celebrity stage falls!