Amy Schumer's Perfect 'Real Housewives' Audition Will Make You Wish She Was One

Amy Schumer is carving out something of a reality TV niche for herself!
While you probably won't see her on the Real Housewives anytime soon, something tells us she would thrive. The Trainwreck star made her case for the Bravo franchise in an awkward, hilarious, amazing video, where she reveals, "I don't need a man, but I want one. Any one."
And while she's not technically married, Amy's main pitch for why she'd make a great real housewife is that she'd "move anywhere" for the show, even Newark, Cincinnati, or Secaucus!
Watch the video below.
While Amy would pretty much kill it at anything she does, reality TV is honestly probably a waste of her talents as a writer, actress, producer and all around funny human being. Her upcoming film, Trainwreck, hits theaters June 17.
Onward and upward, Amy!
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