Prince George Was An Adorably Fussy Sad Little Monarch at Princess Charlotte's Christening

Prince George is getting the hang of this whole "being royalty" thing at nearly two years old, but it can become a little much at times!
While at his sister, Princess Charlotte's christening over the weekend, the little guy showed that even though he's a supportive big brother, he can definitely make it reign sometimes!
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Not to take pleasure in your pouting, George, but that pout is so pro! And just look at him grumpy-mug the cameras.
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Awwww, you cute little grumper!

He's just a little heirritable right now.
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Luckily, he can't keep up his pout when he peeks into his sister's stroller!

All in the day of a prince!
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Here's hoping England's sure-footed leader got a much needed nap.
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Keep it regal, little George!
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