Tom Selleck Reaches Settlement Over Water-Stealing Claims

Photo: Getty Images
While you were busy binge-watching episodes of Magnum P.I. on Netflix, the real Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck, was busy getting sued by Calleguas Municipal Water District.
The 70-year-old Blue Bloods star is alleged to have repeatedly stolen water from a city fire hydrant using a tanker truck, which then carried it to at his 60-acre Westlake Village ranch, according to the lawsuit.
Now it appears that Selleck and the Calleguas Municipal Water District may have reached a tentative settlement, according to The Los Angeles Times. However, the settlement still needs to be approved by the water district board.
According to the district, they spent $22,000 hiring a private investigator to look into Selleck's alleged water theft. No word yet on whether that private investigator wears a Hawaiian shirt and drives a red Ferrari.
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