12 Moments From the U.S. Soccer Women's World Cup Parade That Will Bring Joy to Your Heart

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It's time to celebrate!
After defeating Japan 5-2 in the World Cup finals on July 5, the U.S. Women's National Team was honored with a ticker tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes in Manhattan, New York! It also marks the first time in history that one of these historic parades -- which have previously celebrated sports teams, soldiers, astronauts, among others -- has been held for a women's sports team.
"Being able to see something like this firsthand is something young girls can only dream of," Samantha Ruotsi, a 20-year-old from Buffalo, New York told CNN. "I am so proud to have grown up in a country with such strong women and it's an inspiration to be a part of this history."
It was a spectacular celebration for the world champion soccer team, and even if you missed it, these 12 moments should help you still feel in all the best ways.
1. When they really took it in.

3. Keys to the city.
4. Abby Wambach's amazing #SheBelieves speech.
5. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's view.
6. And when he celebrated with the team.
7. When Alex Morgan raised the flag.
8. Coach photobomb.
9. Discussing how to wave.
10. #CelebrationFace
11. ♫ We are the champions! ♫
12. "Thank you New York City, thank you America!
No. Thank YOU.