Farrah Abraham's Daughter Gets $100 Bills From the Tooth Fairy

Getty Images
Farrah Abraham is one very generous tooth fairy.
The 24-year-old Teen Mom star recently celebrated her 6-year-old daughter Sophia losing her two front teeth, but instead of giving a dollar per tooth like most parents, Farrah left a stack of $100 bills that appear to total $600 if you look closely enough.
"Sophia lost her 2 front teeth! Busy #ToothFairy," Farrah wrote next to the eyebrow-raising pic.
Clearly, Farrah's doing A-OK in the money department post her MTV hit.
But the reality star's wad of cash isn't her only recent tweet that's causing some double takes. Farrah, who memorably got severely botched lip injections in January, shared this video of herself on Sunday sporting a terrifying looking gold lip mask.
Is this not the stuff of nightmares?!
Watch the video below for more on Farrah's botched lip job.