Alfalfa From 'The Little Rascals' Is Almost Unrecognizable Now!

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We all remember Alfalfa from the 1994 film version of The Little Rascals, but just in case you don't, this is Alfalfa.
He was the cool dude with the permanent cowlick whose heart was taken by Darla.
It's been over 20 years since that movie premiered, and Bug Hall, the now 30-year-old actor who played Alfalfa has spent at least some of that time amassing a giant beard.
It's quite impressive.
Bug has embraced it pretty well.
Although the facial foliage might make him a tough sell for any Little Rascals all-grown-up projects that might crop up.
No matter though, because as it turns out, Bug's clean-shaven look is also quite handsome.
When Buzzfeed initially wrote of what they dubbed Bug's "lumbersexual" look, Bug tweeted a new selfie to confirm that the beard is indeed still in full effect and thicker than ever.
So what's next for Bug? Well, as he put it himself, we all know the only logical way for this to go...
He may not be our little charmer, anymore...
But that's some beard, Bug.
ETonline caught up with Bug last year for The Little Rascals 20th anniversary. He wasn't sporting his full facial hair, but the actor did speak positively about the experience.
"Every moment of that movie was so locked into our memories," he said. "It was such a big experience."
Watch below!