One Direction Fans Are Freaking Out Over Louis Tomlinson's Baby News

Getty Images
When news broke on Tuesday thatOne Direction’s Louis Tomlinson was going to be a dad, his dedicated fans showered him with love and support -- well, some of them did.
Other fans took a different route. They lost their minds.
Almost all the stages of grief were represented by Directioners on Twitter: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and even a little bit of acceptance.
Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth, who is reportedly carrying the One Direction star's child, also became the target of angry Directioners. Someone posing as Jungwirth on Twitter under a fake account, which has since been suspended, tweeted that the news was false.
Some One Direction fans just can’t deal with change, though the fandom freak-out wasn't nearly as catastrophic as when Zayn Malik quit the band back in March.
For more on Tomlinson's big baby news, check out the video below.