Amazon Prime Day Let Us Down With These 13 Spirit-Shattering Fails

Are these the "More than Black Friday" deals we were promised?
Amazon's long-awaited Prime Day is today, where in celebration of the company's 20th birthday, the retailer boasted there would be a barrage of deals and savings for Amazon Prime members. And while the deals did come, they left some feeling underwhelmed. Here are 13 moments when Amazon shoppers were let down by the Prime.
1. When a Van Gogh lanyard was passed off as something humanity needs.
2. When the stuff we really wanted actually got more expensive.
3. When the early bird got the shoehorn.
4. When this suddenly felt suspiciously familiar...
5. When we learned this would be the protocol.
6. When we were good on dish detergent, but thanks.
7. Tupperware too.
8. When this dog didn't get his TV.
9. When this whole thing was suddenly two Playstations ago.
10. When the author of a book called out the savings on his book.
11. When we had to get creative looking on the bright side.
12. When there's literally nothing to see here.
13. But at least we all got to experience it together.
An Amazon representative tells the Washington Post, "We have years of experience with these types of events and we stagger the deals to make sure the fun will last through tonight."
Maybe, but some people can't shake the feeling that Prime Day just wasn't ready for primetime.
One thing Prime Day can't take away from us is Amy Poehler and Tina Fey being badass together. Watch their Sisters trailer below.