Iggy Azalea's Fiance Nick Young Talks Wedding Planning and His Groom Duties

Seems like Nick Young has got this wedding planning thing down!
The NBA star dished on his upcoming nuptials to Iggy Azalea at the Kids' Choice Sports Awards on Thursday, telling ET about his duties as the groom.
"[I] told her I would do the food part," he said, "and she would do everything else."
Well, food tasting is the best part of planning a wedding! That said, it doesn't sound like he's made much progress.
"I am trying to figure it out," he said. "I got to figure out how many people are coming, and then we go from there."
One star we can definitely count in attendance: Demi Lovato, who opened up about being a bridesmaid for her pal Iggy in a recent interview.
"She's pretty chill," Lovato said of the bride. "So I can't imagine that she'll be one of those brides that will be super particular."
Lovato also spoke out about the possibility of marrying her longtime love, Wilmer Valderrama. See what she said in the video below.