Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Slays This 'NSYNC 'Bye Bye Bye' Cover!

Kelly Clarkson keeps outdoing herself with these covers!
During a tour stop in Buffalo, New York, the singer decided to throw it back to 2000 and perform 'NSYNC's smash hit, "Bye Bye Bye." As is per usual for Kelly, the results were absolutely perfect!
What we're starting to learn is that when Kelly is behind the mic there is absolutely nothing she cannot do! From Rihanna's "B*tch Better Have My Money..."
To "Phantom of the Opera" with Josh Groban...
Even "Drunk in Love."
ESPECIALLY "Drunk in Love!"
Keep killin' it, Kelly!
And sometimes Kelly's rendition of a song is so good, the original singer has to give props! Watch Nick Jonas praise Kelly Clarkson for her cover of his song, "Jealous" below!