Robin Roberts Relives Her Emotional Post-ESPY Interview with Caitlyn Jenner

Robin Roberts was the only journalist who talked to Caitlyn Jenner backstage directly following her inspirational ESPY speech and she dished on the experience to ET on Thursday.
"When she came off stage there was this huge sigh of relief from her," Robin told ET. "And not only backstage but the athletes ... there were no snarly looks. There was such respect and they were hanging on every single word."
Caitlyn's new docuseries, I Am Cait, premieres on E! this Sunday, focusing on the Olympic gold medalist's journey since transitioning. Robin weighed in on the show after seeing the trailer.
"She wants to get it right," Robin said. "She's knows there are a lot of people watching and this is a moment that can change the narrative."
Robin has her own harrowing story as her life was saved in 2012 by a bone marrow transplant from her sister Sally. According to Robin, her bone marrow wasn't the only thing that Sally gave her.
"Now I can't get enough of that red velvet cake," Robin said, revealing that she now has her sister's sweet tooth. "I look to Sally and I'm like, 'Thanks a lot.'"
While Robin's spirits were lifted by the athletes at the ESPYS, she found a crop of jocks that are "every bit, if not more so, inspiring" among the competitors of the 2015 Special Olympics.
"Being around these athletes who are competing, and their families, in Special Olympics is a firm reminder that they're like everybody else," Robin, who is hosting the opening ceremonies on Saturday, said. "They celebrate life. They have their highs. They have their lows."
ET host Nancy O'Dell is serving as a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics this year. She has a personal connection with the games as her Aunt Ellen was a person with Down Syndrome.
"I'm just so appreciative for your aunt," Robin told Nancy. "It made me think -- in the special -- Brooklyn Decker has an aunt who has intellectual disabilities. It's about love and family."
Countdown to the Special Olympics World Games: Los Angeles 2015 with Robin Roberts airs Thursday on ESPN and Saturday on ABC.