Wilmer Valderrama Shares Hilarious TBT in Support of Demi Lovato

Getty Images
On Thursday, Wilmer took to Instagram to post an awesome #TBT pic, which showed a side-by-side comparison between a screenshot of Demi looking super sexy in a black leather bustier from her "Cool for the Summer" music video, and Wilmer decked out in his Rocky Horror Picture Show costume in a screengrab from an episode of That '70s Show.

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery," Wilmer joked in the caption, "Thank you Demi..."
This is just one of the many racy, revealing outfits Demi rocks in the "Cool for the Summer" music video. Hopefully, Wilmer will be able to find a picture of himself in a bondage bra and short shorts for next weeks' #TBT.
Recently, Wilmer spoke with ET about his relationship with Demi, and about the impact she's going to have on music and society. Check out the video below to hear how the 22-year-old singer is going to "redefine pop culture on a level that people can't even expect."