Liam Neeson's Shocking Weight Loss Leaves Him Nearly Unrecognizable in NYC

Liam Neeson didn't look like himself when he stepped out in New York City's SoHo district on Monday.
Neeson tucked his long gray hair under a cap as he strolled through the trendy neighborhood wearing khakis, a purple shirt and a light jacket.
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While the actor has not commented on his weight loss, he did reveal in March that he plans to  quit the wildly popular Taken franchise within the next few years. Perhaps Neeson just doesn't see the need to bulk up for the film role anymore, or maybe he's simply sizing down for another on-screen part.
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Of course, if it is for a movie, such a drastic physical change is nothing new in Hollywood. 

This past year (before he got his boxer body for Southpaw), moviegoers witnessed Jake Gyllenhaal's massive weight loss for his disturbing role in Nightcrawler. The 34-year-old actor revealed to ET that during filming, he maintained his frail frame by surviving on a strict kale and chewing gum diet.

"I could feel that he needed to be hungry, you know, and I wanted to explore that idea," Jake said. "It wasn't unhealthy [but] it wasn't dangerous."
Gyllenhaal and Neeson aren't the only ones to exhibit a drastic weight loss. Here's six more men that have shed some pounds: