Taylor Swift Finally Met Her Godson and Posted the Sweetest Pictures

Does Taylor Swift have that godmotherly glow?
Back in March, Taylor revealed that one of her famous girlfriends, Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King, had choses her to be godmother to Jamie and husband Kyle Newman’s second child.

Naturally, Taylor threw Jaime the best baby shower evah. But ever since little Leo Thames was born on July 16, we’ve just been sitting around, waiting for the inevitable Instagrams of Taylor with her godson.
Today is finally that day. “Meeting my boy,” she wrote alongside the picture.
She knows it’s not her actual child, right? Kidding! The Instagram is SO CUTE!
She captioned another photo with a lyric from her song, “Never Grow Up.”

"She's so uninhibited in her giving,” Jamie explained of why she picked Taylor for the role. “It's just beyond. She's so clear with what it is that she wants to do, yet at the same time she leaves herself so vulnerable. It is really powerful to me. That's why I feel like she's going to be the perfect godmother." (But also...the perks, amirite?)
Now, check out Taylor’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, in his new underwear ad: