Calvin Harris Is Nearly Unrecognizable in This Awesome Throwback Photo

It's a day early for Throwback Thursday and Calvin Harris has a treat for all of us!
The 31-year-old posted a throwback photo on Wednesday of him back in 2002, and he is nearly unrecognizable.
WARNING: He Uses NSFW language in this Instagram.

"Me and Irv in Jumpin Jaks Dumfries looking f**king fantastic," he captions the epic pic.
Thirteen years ago, Taylor Swift's boyfriend had black hair and looked super nerdy. It's hard to believe this is the same ab-tastic Armani underwear model we saw on Monday!

And just five years ago, he was still rockin' that dark 'do!
Photo: Getty Images
But how can you complain about the Scottish DJ's transformation?
Stars, they're just like us. They go through awkward phases too!
It goes without saying: Swift is a lucky girl. Check out what Harris had to say about his romance with the superstar in the video below.