Steven Tyler's Epic Response to Lenny Kravitz's NSFW Wardrobe Malfunction

Photo: Getty Images
Lenny Kravitz is giving us a look at something we didn't necessarily want to see: his personal text messages.
After accidentally showing the world his penis when he split his pants during a concert on Tuesday, Kravitz seems to be taking the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction in stride.
The "Fly Away" singer addressed "#penisgate" Tuesday night when he posted a text message from musician Steven Tyler to Instagram.
"Dude…No underwear and pierced…**k me.. You never showed me that s**t," Kravitz's longtime friend wrote him.
The so-called #Penisgate situation went viral with fans (and haters) sharing the startling mishap everywhere.
For more on the singer's super NSFW accidental on-stage flashing, check out the video below.