Hugh Jackman Photobombed an Australian News Reporter and It Was Amazing

by John Boone 1:21 PM PDT, August 06, 2015
Photo: YouTube

We don’t know about stars being just like us, but some celebrities are at least just like the random people you see in the background of local news reports: They love photobombing. Take Hugh Jackman, who photobombed -- or is it videobombed? -- Australian reporter Jessica Turner of Channel Ten outside Sydney’s Children’s Hospital.

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Hugh was at the hospital to launch Fight Cancer Foundation’s Back on Track program with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. The program is designed to help sick kids keep up with their schoolwork.

With my mate Adrian aka Wolverine! @FightCancerFdn #fightcancer

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You can learn out more about Hugh’s visit and Back on Track in Channel Ten’s feature story here (featuring an adorable FaceTime cameo by Hugh’s mother-in-law).

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Jessica says Hugh and Deborra-Lee stayed at the hospital for about an hour “chatting with nurses and staff” before leaving. Hugh immediately spotted the news crew as he was walking out:

Photo: YouTube

Naturally, he went in for the bomb:

Photo: YouTube

Jessica writes on her blog:

“I kind of heard someone yelling behind me,but like all reporters, I’m practiced at blocking out any background craziness and staying focused, so I carried on.. Until the Wolverine practically had his arms around me! ‘Photobomb!’ Hugh yelled. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe this mega-star just punked me! I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Photo: YouTube

“The best kind of photobomb, Hugh!” she laughs good-naturedly.

“Sorry,” he calls off camera. Don’t ever apologize for being the best, Hugh.

Speaking of, find out how Hugh responded to his wife’s ‘No Angelina Jolie’ rule: