Miley Cyrus Bares Butt in Bizarre MTV VMAs Promo

It should come as no surprise that Miley Cyrus' MTV Video Music Awards promos are beyond weird and expose more than enough skin.
The former Hannah Montana star is the host of this year's VMAs and in a lead up to her new gig, she shared an Instagram video of just her walking in front of a green screen wearing a star-spangled thong swimsuit and platform shoes.
Calling out her infamous performance at the 2013 VMAs, she also does her trademark tongue wagging.
"F**k yeah VMAzzzzzz!!!!!" she captioned her nearly NSFW video.

This is just one of the bizarre promos Cyrus has come out with since it was announced she would be hosting the highly anticipated event. In this image, the 22-year-old singer is being held by a green alien who's masked as a moon man.
In another video, she's in the astronaut uniform and is floating in slow motion.

We don't know what to expect when Cyrus hits the VMAs stage on Sunday, Aug. 30, but we're certain it will be memorable. 
ET recently chatted with Cyrus as to whether she ever regrets what she posts on Instagram, and we weren't surprised to hear that she isn't too concerned with what she posts.
"People go, 'Whoa. Do you ever wake up and think, 'Wow, maybe I shouldn't have Instagrammed that?' You can tell when I'm really bored, or I just woke up and I lay in bed for an hour and I'll do eight or nine posts in a row," she said of her social media method. "You can make yourself, you can be whoever you want to be on Instagram which is fun… that's also dangerous, but it's really fun for people like me."