Did Little Mix Throw Shade at Zayn Malik?

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While Little Mix was in Phoenix, Arizona, Twitter users spotted a fan-made sign floating around that read: "Zayn is irrelevant anyway."

Pics were snapped of the poster, and some even claimed they saw Little Mix member Jade Thirlwall holding the signage. "WOW Little mix.. Zayn spent like 3 years promoting you guys and now this is what you do?" one Twitter user wrote.

However, other onlookers believe people were jumping to conclusions about the message. "The other side of the sign Jade held said 'Stay Strong Perrie.' That's what Jade saw," one tweet alleged. "Y'all jumping into conclusions so fast, it's ugly."
While Edwards' bandmates seem to have her back, she's been showing Zayn what he's missing on Instagram. The 22-year-old entertainer shared a super sexy selfie on Monday of her donning a bikini. "Pool vibes," she captioned the pic.
This wouldn't be the first time it's been thought Malik was getting dissed since his breakup from Edwards. During an interview with Radio Disney, Edwards revealed that she's still a fan of her ex's former boy band, One Direction.
"I like One Direction's new song 'Drag Me Down,'" she said when asked about her favorite summer song. "It's incredible."
This breakup could get messy!

ET reached out to Malik's reps about the alleged diss but they did not have a comment.