Tom Brady Courtroom Artist Apologizes for Sketch, Speaks Out Against Cyberbullies

As a courtroom sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg is used to being behind the scenes of high-profile cases, but she stepped into the forefront of Deflategate when her depictions of Tom Brady went viral.
Rosenberg opened up to ET on Thursday about the memes poking fun at her drawings, saying, "Some of them are funny, but some people are cruel as well. I've been getting a lot of cyberbullying. It's just bizarre."
ET caught up with Rosenberg at her New York studio, where she explained that it's nearly impossible to do perfect sketches under the time crunch inherent with her profession.
"I apologize to Tom Brady for not making him look as beautiful and handsome as he is," Rosenberg said, before giving the Super Bowl champ a special offer. "Have a seat, Tom. Let me start over. I'll do a better job this time."
Despite the criticism she's suffered from her courtroom sketches of Brady, Rosenberg has been praised for her previous work, including these drawings of Al Sharpton.