Padma Lakshmi on Gaining Weight: 'Only Benefit Is What It Does to Your Boobs!'

Getty Images
Padma Lakshmi is looking on the bright side of life.
The 44-year-old Top Chef host took to Instagram on Thursday, where she posted a sexy bikini pic that showed off her curves.
The cookbook author captioned the photo, "The only benefit of gaining weight is what it does to your boobs!

It's hard to imagine Padma considers her body, in this photo, to be anything but super fit, but hey, at least she's happier with her boobs.
Padma has spent the summer documenting her trip to India with her 5-year-old daughter Krishna.
On Tuesday, Padma and Krisha wore matching bathing suits to the pool, which gave the TV personality another chance to show off how much she's apparently let herself go.

Nope, still not seeing it. Whatever you're doing Padma, it seems to be working for you.