Madonna Turns 57! A Look Back at 7 Of This Year's Most Insane Madge Antics

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Madonna turned 57 on Sunday, and she took to Instagram to thank fans for all their birthday wishes.

This past year, Madonna has done nothing but live up to her "Unapologetic Bitch" moniker. Not one to let age define her -- like, ever -- the pop music legend managed to spark controversy and conversations left and right, much of it centered around her latest album release, Rebel Heart. (The name says it all, no?)
So in honor of the Material Girl's birthday, let's take a glimpse back at some of the more shocking moments from her career and personal life her last year.
1. Madonna's Unforgettable 56th Birthday
Madge kicked off the year in her typically over-the-top fashion way with a Gatsby-themed birthday bash in Cannes. At the party, she straddled Kate Moss and posted snaps of her birthday suit.
2. Outrageous Fashion Statements

From suggestive t-shirts to the occasional grill -- and sometimes nothing at all -- Madge wasn't afraid to rock the fashion boat. Then again, when has she ever been?
3. Madge Basically Moons Us All
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No stranger to breaking all the rules, Madonna showed up to the 2015 Grammy Awards in a sexy Givenchy ensemble -- then promptly revealed her derriere to thef red carpet photographers. Because it's Madonna, bitch, and she can do whatever she wants with her, um, assets. When questioned about the risqué incident, she told Rolling Stone, "This is what a 56-year-old ass looks like, motherf****ers!"
4. THAT Kiss
Forever a fan of impromptu stage makeouts (cue the 2003 Britney-Madge tonsil hockey at the MTV VMAs), Madonna awkwardly kissed Drake during his Weekend One set at Coachella. That smooch took the 28-year-old rapper by surprise, but what was even more surprising was that Madonna actually seemed to regret it afterwards.
5. Playing Never Have I Ever With Justin Bieber
While partaking in the racy game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Madonna gave Bieber a run for his money when it came to a battle of raunchy pasts.
6. Gyrating on Jimmy Fallon's Desk
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While promoting her new track, "Bitch I'm Madonna," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Pop Queen essentially humped everything in sight, including Fallon's desk.
7. The Rebel Heart Controversy
In support of her latest album, which features Madonna's head wrapped in black cord on the cover, the star depicted inspirational historical figures Photoshopped with the same wrapping across her social media platforms. The photos included likenesses of Jesus, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr., and many fans felt the singer was inappropriately comparing herself to the peacemakers. Madge later issued a half-hearted apology and explanation for the Rebel Heart marketing campaign.
Here's to another year of music's forever misfit, Madonna!