No Dad Bod Here! Ryan Phillippe, 40, Shows Off Incredible Abs on the Beach

Ryan Phillippe is obviously aging quite nicely.
TheCruel Intentions actor and dad-of-three showed off his super-fit physique on the beach in Malibu, California on Sunday, going shirtless.
He's 40?!
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Phillippe was accompanied by his girlfriend, 24-year-old law student Paulina Slagter.
The MacGruber star has talked about his age-defying looks in the past, telling Variety in March that people actually sometimes mistake him for the brother of his 15-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe.
"I get carded constantly," he admitted. "My daughter hates it, because sometimes people have thought I'm her brother, and she’s freaked out by that."
Speaking of Ava, Phillippe also revealed to Elle in March that he has the same personality traits as his teenage daughter with his ex-wife, Reese Witherspoon. Specifically, he said the two share an intense sense of empathy.
"You know, depression has been a huge obstacle for me ever since I was a child," Phillippe revealed. "As you get older I think it decreases some, but I'm just innately kind of a sad person. I'm empathetic, and I take on the feelings of others and transpose myself into the position of others. I see it in my daughter."
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