Donald Trump Poses With Bald Eagle for 'Time' Magazine

Donald Trump is on the cover of Time magazine, and the headline reads: "Deal with it."
The meme-worthy photo shoot features the Republican presidential hopeful posing with a 27-year-old American bald eagle -- the emblem of the United States.

Check out this candid moment when the eagle gets a little energetic on set! 

Time Inc. Magazine Company

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Of course, the new issue is not all fun and games. Trump doesn't hold back when it comes to how he really feels about his political opponents. "They’re puppets," he tells the magazine. "I’m the only non-puppet in the group." 

Time Inc. Magazine Company
The former Celebrity Apprentice star went on to answer questions regarding how his daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, feel about his presidential aspirations.
"Ivanka was interesting because I'm very strong on women’s health issues," Trump says about a triumphant moment she shared with his daughter. "And I couldn't believe what [Jeb] Bush said last week about he wouldn’t fund, essentially wouldn’t fund women’s health issues. And I hit him hard. And she came back and she said, 'I’m so glad you did that Dad, because people don’t know how you respect women, they don’t know how you get it, and you have to get that word out.'"
Time Inc. Magazine Company
Not long after announcing his presidential run, Trump sat down with ET to defend his controversial remarks made about Mexican immigrants.
"I don't have a racist bone in my body," Trump said, defending himself against accusations of racism. "The fact that I want a strong border and the fact that I don't want illegal immigrants pouring into this country, that doesn't make me a racist, it means I love this country and I want to save this country."