Patrick Stewart Reveals Whether Ian McKellen or Conan O'Brien Is the Better Kisser

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And now, for your semi-regular reminder that Sir Patrick Stewart is the best.
The actor and world’s best bestie took part in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Q&A to promote his new Starz comedy, Blunt Talk -- you can already watch the first episode here -- and naturally, one fan asked Sir Patrick who the better kisser is: Sir Ian McKellen or Conan O’Brien?
Turns out, neither:
Oh, and speaking of kisses:
(Frakes is Jonathan Frakes, aka Commander William T. Riker on ST:TNG.)
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Here are 10 more of Sir Patrick’s answers that we found absolutely delightful:
1. If he had hair, he’d want it to be business in front and party in the back:
2. His favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation episode is for a sweet reason:
3. And the reasons for his favorite X-Men movie isn’t as sweet, but is badass:
4. Sir Patrick ordered a gin martini, one olive, so we ordered a gin martini, one olive:
5. And we have never seen anyone get this excited talking about the subway:
6. He knows the secret to life:
7. He’s cheeky. He’s very, very cheeky:
8. Sometimes he's cheeky without even trying:
Is this supposed to be cheeky? Because it is. Also, NSFW, Sir Patrick! Not at all safe for work!
9. He WILL sue you:
10. And we don’t know what this means, but we like it:
Now, check out Sir Patrick Stewart’s dramatic reading of Taylor Swift’s “Style”: