Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Ex-Fiance Marilyn Manson: 'I Thought I Was in Love'

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Sitting down with Net-a-Porter.com, Wood opened up about her controversial relationship with the notorious rock star, which began when she was 19 and he was 36.
"I thought I was in love," Wood shared. "I wasn’t doing it to prove a point or be rebellious."
However, she admits that her relationship with the "Heart-Shaped Glasses" singer did provide her an opportunity to explore an alternative side of herself that she wasn't able to examine when she was growing up.
"I wanted to break a mold for sure – I knew I was edgier, more alternative, and weird," Wood explained. "And he was just what I needed, because I felt really free with him. And that freedom was attractive."
However, the couple stirred additional controversy due to Manson's separation from his wife, burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, which occurred just before Wood and Manson's relationship began.
"People were cruel," recounted Wood, who many referred to as a "homewrecker" at the time. "You build immunity to that sort of thing, but I wasn’t used to negative feedback, so it got to me."
The couple, who were on-and-off for over four years, got engaged in 2010, but split later that year. However, despite the criticism and eventual split, Wood said that she doesn't regret the experience.
"I appreciate everything he taught me," she said. "I just don’t think we were right for each other."
After the split, Wood reconnected with her ex-boyfriend Jamie Bell, and the couple ended up tying the knot in October 2012, and welcoming a son in July 2013. However, in May 2014 the couple announced that they were separating.
Despite the separation, Wood doesn't seem to harbor ill will toward the Fantastic Four star.
"Jamie's lovely," Wood said. "He was the love of my life."
As for her career, Wood has been keeping busy. She's starring in the upcoming films Into the Forest and Viena and the Fantomes, and she's the lead in HBO's upcoming sci-fi thriller Westworld, based on the classic 1973 film of the same name.