Amy Schumer Perfectly Recreates 'American Gothic' With Help From a Famous Friend

Getty Images
Amy Schumer is awesome. We all know this. But this week, the comedian proved that she is a real-life work of art.
A fan tweeted at Schumer, pointing out her resemblance to the woman in the famous American Gothic painting by artist Grant Wood.
"I think I have revealed a genealogy line for @amyschumer" Twitter user @vickitweetsnow wrote. "The American Gothic lady could be an ancestor #NoDisrespect."
Schumer replied to the comment in truly epic fashion, recruiting Oscar winner J.K. Simmons to recreate the painting with a picture that is a true work of art.
The photo was so awesome, in fact, it earned Schumer a tweet from the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses the original American Gothic painting.
"Dear @amyschumer, you are awesome," the Institute's account tweeted. "And the fork is a very nice touch : ) Stop by and see us some time! Love, the Art Institute."