Kristin Chenoweth Brings Conan O'Brien to Tears With Her Manscaping

Team Coco
Conan O'Brien couldn't take the pain of being plucked and pulled.
On Tuesday's Conan, actress Kristin Chenoweth decided to do a little "manscaping" on the late-night host. Chenoweth cleaned up Conan's eyebrows and brought him to tears.
"I see some brow issues," Chenoweth told the TV personality.

Pulling out some tweezers for Chenoweth to fix him up, Conan declared of his face, "Be careful, this is a national treasure."
Chenoweth quipped back before starting to manscape, "I don't wanna hear any wimpin' or cryin' either."
"Why am I crying?!" Conan exclaimed. "I'm starting to tear up! I'm crying!"
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